Saturday, March 30, 2013

Movie Review -The First Time

Movie Review -The First Time

By Rych McCain International/Nationally Syndicated Entertainment Columnist

 The First Time. Samuel Goldwyn Films. Starring Britt Robertson, Dylan O’Brien, Victoria Justice, Craig Robertson, James Frecheville, Lamarcus Tinker and Christine Tayor. Written and Directed by Jonathan Kasdan. Produced by Martin Shafer and Liz Glotzer. 

Aubrey (Robertson) meets Dave (O'Brien) at a party
  This film’s title says it all. So you know that somebody is going to get sexed for the first time and not know what they are doing. That in itself makes this one a yawner from the git-go. Dave (O’Brien) spins his time preoccupied with a girl out of his league and stumbles across Aubrey (Robertson) at a party one night who has a boyfriend that hardly notices her. 

  They strike up a friendship that turns into a romance and a trip to the sack even though both are virgins. Save this one for late night when you can’t sleep. It will get you drowsy. 

*Such A Waste Of My Time (You Are SO Kicked Off)!


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